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Autism, ADHD and Hypertension

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

I was thinking…could it be that autistic and ADHD people are prone to have hypertension? I know that there’s a study linking gut issues to autism but I’ve never heard of any relating to hypertension. Maybe because studies are mainly done in children and not adults. It’d be interesting to find out. And maybe if I could get every autistic adult that reads this blog to comment or maybe someone close to one or even if everyone who knows someone on the spectrum to just forward this blog to them, we could get somewhere.

As an autisctic person one hates making mistakes, actually have anxiety and panic attacks about things like saying the wrong thing, about being late, about misundertanding social cues, about doing something wrong, offending people, not looking warm enough to people, the list goes on and on. Which actually makes no sense because the majority of people are just...clueless. But social convention dictates the "normal" way a person should behave and we are the ones that actually folow it to a T. Which again, makes no sense.

Also? having plans changed at the last minute is the worst thing ever you can do to an autistic person. It really really really is. I have just realised that everyone else is fine with this and any and all excuses people can come up with and this usually involves `oh it's better for you because` or `oh I was thinking of you and it'd be easier for you if`...erh. No. Don't do that. It is not easier for me, if you decide that you don't need me within 3 hours of the planned event. It really isn't. It drives me insane. It feels like complete disregard for my being and for all the preparation I have done and any plans I've had to put aside to be able to fulfil this thing I've been asked to do. So don't do it. It makes my blood boil and sends my blood pressure flying throught the roof. I am not exhagerating. I'm actually being very tame because you have no idea how this affects me. Believe me.

Anyway...maybe it's just me. That's why I pretend to be ok with it. But I'm not. Just saying.

See, the point is…first do not change your mind at the last minute. That's a given to send my blood pressure into hyperdrive. But anyway, I digress. Back to the point.

See, the point is... because we tend to be hyperfocused, and want to have things done with perfection, and because in general we pick certain professions that are mentally challenging, and our lifestyle tend to be...very stressful and we think that we can do more than what our body can withdstand it can lead us to have a certain lifestyle that is inducing to certain illnesses such as hypertension. Or it can just be the frustration of dealing with chimps most of our lives. I don't know. Just my take on it. Thoughts?

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