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Your job as a parent

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

There’s different beliefs and maybe even misconceptions about what a parent's job is. This is probably a controversial opinion but I think that your job as a parent is to make sure your child can live without you. To prepare them for life and independence without any impediment. You should obviously cater for your child, however, if you’re doing your job right you should also be running out of jobs as your child grows.

You cook for them until they learn to cook for themselves, you do their laundry until they are able to do it themselves, you do the washing up, until they can do it themselves. You pay their phone bill until they are able to pay it themselves when they get their first job as teenagers. You buy them clothes until they are able to do it themselves. You are preparing fully functioning people to be able to live a prosperous adult life without you. Your job as a parent is not to be your child’s best friend. They have friends in their peers, they need you to guide them, they need you to teach them how to navigate life. Adulting is already hard enough but it is specially hard when you don’t have what I call basic survival skills to take care of yourself like cooking, cleaning and paying your bills, and be able to live within your means and maybe even be able to fix and assemle furniture and other things. Teach them that you never know enough in life, life is a journey full of lessons and one should pay attention and be mindful to be able to learn and progress, and move on.

See, the point is… your child needs a parent not another friend wilst they are growing up and your job as a parent is to run out of jobs to do for your child. You should not try to be their friend because that’s just going to mess up their lives because children need guidance, they need secure, stable and reliable environments not just playful fun. In fact they can’t have much fun if they don’t feel secure. When they are older, when they become adults if you play your cards right then they can become your best friends. Don't expect it to happen overnight though, it wil be a gradual process.

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